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  1. Andy Seibert
    September 25, 2012 @ 5:03 pm

    Welton Jones has every right to his opinion, but shouldn’t comments be well researched and not written off the cuff? His recent review of Allegiance is insulting to the costume designer “(But, please, study those uniform references more closely, hmmm?)” But it is most insulting to veteran expert George Peterson who consulted on all the uniforms, etc. I follow George Takei on FaceBook (as do 2.4 million others) and he showed a picture of him in his Allegiance uniform in a post on 9/11/12. There he notes George Peterson and says you can find out more at Welton is way off base in his insulting comment about designer Vietti – Welton retired once – if he is not to the task of doing responsible reviews, maybe he should retire again?


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