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Forum Offers Hope and Ideas for a Revitalized San Diego Opera

Ken Herman

The unexpected plot twists and emotional torrents of the opera stage seem rather tame compared to the real time drama that San Diego Opera has experienced during the past month. While the San Diego Opera Board was imploding at a raucous meeting in La Jolla Thursday afternoon, over 400 opera subscribers, stagehands, chorus members, and company staff members gathered at Civic Center downtown for a forum to consider what makes contemporary American opera companies successful . . .

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The Past Has Come to Visit

David Dixon
The Past Has Come to Visit

With a few days left of Passover, a holiday commemorating the exodus of Jews from Egypt and to freedom from slavery, it seems like a perfect time for a play dealing with another episode involving tragic Jewish history to be presented in San Diego. The North Coast Repertory Theatre’s world premiere story, Mandate Memories, involves issues regarding anti-Semitism, violence and...

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Where’s the Dignity In Surrender?
San Diego Opera Belongs to Us All
For over a quarter-century, the San Diego Opera bragged of balanced books and the opera world was impressed. True, the company presented a rigidly... News Writers Win 4 Press Club Awards
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