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  1. Avatar Tom McDowell
    March 14, 2015 @ 7:34 pm

    I was pleased to read Mr Herman’s review of this concert and believe it was fair and accurate on the whole. The pianist, Christiakova, displayed an astounding ability to combine great force with remarkable sensitivity. The Ponce concerto, unknown to me, was enjoyable and I was pleased that they included this work on the program. I adore the De Falla piece “Nights in the Gardens…” and have owned various recordings of it over the years and found the performance by the Sinfónica del Estado with Bátiz flawless and engaging. Every detail of the piece was lovingly captured and communicated. For me, live music just does not get any better than this.
    As for the Rodrigo concerto, the tempo in the first movement was a bit slow for my taste but I had no trouble with the tempo of the adagio in the Rodrigo concerto. This was a more intimate approach to the work and the guitarist communicated this very well to those of us in the front orchestra.
    Overall, I was very impressed with the orchestra, especially the clarity and precision of the strings. I am not sure how Bátiz has managed to accomplish this clarity of sound, but it is impressive. Based on my experience with live performances of most of the major orchestras in the US, this orchestra from Mexico appears to be their equal in many respects. What a great night to get to symphony hall!


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