1. Peter Kalivas
    October 11, 2017 @ 1:21 pm

    Hey Ken, Peter Kalivas here, Director of The PGK Dance Project here in San Diego. I was an original member of Sean Curran’s company in NYC from 1997-2002 before I relocated to San Diego. He is a profound and articulate person and I was fortunate to be a part of many of his wonderful projects.

    I am not sure you realize it but you wrote his last name as “Curry” throughout the text rather than “Curran” which you did properly in the title or your article.

    He is not only an important person to me but to the field and like most of us artists really wanting to do great things for the world, accurate and consistent reporting of what we do, who we are and what we hope to provide would be super helpful. THANKS!


  2. Ken Herman Ken Herman
    October 11, 2017 @ 10:14 pm

    Peter, thanks for your astute correction–I have fixed those errors! And thanks for making Mr. Curran’s connection to your career and thus to your contribution to San Diego’s dance scene.


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