Historical Subtext Is Nearly Absent in ion’s Unfinished ‘The Jacksonian’

By Martin Jones Westlin | March 7, 2016 |

Racism is and has been here to stay, but even in our lifetimes, it’s been worse. Playwright Beth Henley seeks to illustrate this in her play ‘The Jacksonian,’ currently in its regional premiere at ion theatre — but everything considered, her theories fall woefully short.

Splendor and Sarcasm in Latin American Baroque Music

By Ken Herman | March 6, 2016 |

Bach Collegium San Diego’s concert “An Empire of Silver and Gold” opened the exciting and sexy frontier of Baroque music from Latin America . . .

DANCE RADAR: March into Spring with a Guide

By Kris Eitland | March 2, 2016 |

Festivals, ballets, symphonies, collaborations, Cuban, Flamenco, whew–you’ll need a guide to navigate this month…

Finding Magic in Unexpected Places

By David Dixon | March 1, 2016 |

Watching North Coast Repertory Theatre’s production of the French farce, Now You See It (originally entitled Le Systeme Ribadier) is like watching the early stages of a rising magician. The magic trick might have a little too much setup, but there is delight in seeing the execution of the illusion.

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