Digital Storytelling From Moxie

By David Dixon | April 2, 2020 |

Due to the coronavirus, traditional live theatre is not playing in San Diego. However, there are opportunities for artists to be creative online.

Music Organizations Turn to the Internet for Performance Possibilities During the Quarantine

By Ken Herman | March 25, 2020 |

With theaters and concert halls darkened, local arts organizations have decided to put their product to online.

Ramirez Rescues Live Performance at the Organ Pavilion While City’s Music Venues Are Darkened

By Ken Herman | March 16, 2020 |

San Diego concert halls were dark this weekend in compliance with the growing restrictions on public gathering due to the spread of the coronavirus. San Diego’s prized Spreckels Organ, however, has no hall and plays into the spacious outdoor setting of Balboa Park, so Civic Organist Raúl Prieto Ramirez took advantage of his unique venue…

Wonderland Enchants in Coronado

By David Dixon | March 14, 2020 |

Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” are timeless classics, and there have been numerous lesser-known stage adaptations of his surreal books. One in particular is a musical written by the late Elizabeth Swados, Alice in Concert.

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