Late for OctoberFest, but Solid German Music at the Symphony

By Ken Herman | November 17, 2012 |
Christof Perick (photo by Jutta Missbach)

San Diegans with a good memory may recall that Christof Perick auditioned for the post of San Diego Symphony Music Director in 1989. It was his good fortune not to sign with the bankruptcy prone local orchestra, and he continued on to seek his musical fortune in his native Germany, although in the early 1990s…

Bach’s Lunch at First Lutheran Church of San Diego

By Ken Herman | November 15, 2012 |
Singers of BachCollegium San Diego (photo courtesy of BachCollegium SD)

When I lived in Chicago, I was intrigued with the popularity of a shoppers’ chapel in the Loop that offered a mid-afternoon Roman Catholic Mass. Located midway between the fancy restaurants of Michigan Avenue and the bargain-filled department stores of State Street, the chapel drew a regular crowd of consumers laden with their day’s worth…

City Ballet looks good at 20, but not after 10 pm

By Kris Eitland | November 14, 2012 |

What does the future hold for City Ballet of San Diego? Could this admirable company celebrating its 20th anniversary take a big leap forward? Instead of restaging tired antique ballets, could it continue to build its contemporary repertory?  And if it tapped into adventurous new choreographers who push boundaries, wouldn’t the outcomes be more compelling…

Triple Threat Needs Help With John Doe Musical

By Bill Eadie | November 11, 2012 |
Featured picture for John Doe

On the surface John Doe is about a man (Michael Nieto) who ends up in a hospital emergency room with no identification and apparently in a coma. He is cared for by one nurse in particular (Rachel Propst), who takes a liking to him without knowing anything about him. Also hanging about are five fairly stereotypical and one-dimensional men who are not seen by the staff but who watch the goings on from a set of waiting room chairs. A sixth character (Jane Lui), who it turns out, is John’s wife, flits in and out like a mental case, clinging to one or more of the men.

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