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  1. PD
    November 15, 2017 @ 12:03 pm

    There is of course a possibility that the Nov 12 performance of Rameau’s Les Indes Galantes was indeed as described in this review but the Nov 11 one was so inept and infuriating that it is hard to believe. While listening to it, I kept wondering what flutist Rose Lombardo, who lists William Christie and Les Arts Florissants in her biography, was thinking of this masquerade. Rameau’s music is not something that comes as naturally and as easily to untrained 21st century musicians as Brahms’ or Mahler’s probably would and lots of people and fine ensembles -the aforementioned Les Arts Florissants come especially to mind- have spent decades studying it to be able to bring it successfully back to life in a way more satisfying and exciting manner. This is not to blame the San Diego Symphony -I would give them an A for effort with the hope that they won’t try again anytime soon- but you simply cannot reach the level of music-making of such groups in this repertoire in one or two rehearsals, especially with such an underwhelming and mechanical conductor. Having said that, I agree with your judgement on the Ravel concerto which was also a major disappointment.


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