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  1. Avatar Peter Kalivas
    November 29, 2017 @ 2:30 pm

    Pretty sure some of those folks not at that show (represented by the empty seats) were at our show where I wish you had the interest in supporting as well; be it in Advance, during or post because unlike Malpaso, Trisha Brown, etc. here for a one night only not back for a long, long time performance we provide quality, professional, worthwhile diverse dance here in San Diego available to all year round. Despite sharing common interest and mission to promote, support advocate for dance and its future our strategies continue to differ. It’s fine to be concerned on behalf of ArtPower and Malpaso that there were too many empty seats however, what did you do in advance to justify this company to the local dance community? I know what a big deal the Joyce association is you referred to because I danced there 5 times as a member of Sean Curran Company (whom ArtPower presented and I danced) however I am not sure your readers may appreciate the importance. I realize word counts matter and I really, really do appreciate how much you really do know about what matters in dance which is why I was so disappointed you felt a company passing thru mattered more than a company carving, shaping and changing the local, and beyond landscape and making dance matter to so many new folks. The work ArtPower does is just one part of the whole. Despite being on similar missions and interests You and I and the others have had such an up and down relationship. I hope you can realize soon we are on a binary function: we could do this work together ya know in a way where our mutual purposes come together.

    Peter G. Kalivas, The PGK Dance Project


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