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  1. LP
    December 4, 2013 @ 6:35 pm

    The English Concert -one of these “period instrument groups playing this repertory at high performance levels”- will perform the B minor suite for the San Diego Early Music Society on Jan 26. A good opportunity to compare modern vs period instruments. As far as ceding the baroque repertory is concerned, it seems to me that on the contrary, there is a new trend from modern instruments players to claim this repertory back after barely touching it for quite a while. Look at the Berliner Philharmoniker for instance who now routinely invite period instruments experts to conduct them in Bach, Vivaldi, Rameau etc etc. I would suspect that the next generation of musicians will be either proficient enough to play this music on either baroque or modern instruments or have enough knowledge and familiarity of the period instruments to try to emulate this kind of playing with modern instruments. And the audience will be the judge.


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