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  1. Avatar PeterD
    December 21, 2013 @ 6:47 pm

    This concert was part of the Bach Collegium concert series indeed but out of 15 musicians I counted only 4 members of the BCSD (Ruben Valenzuela included) while the rest was made up of members of The Dark Horse and TENET. It looked and sounded very much like a group from New York or the East Coast performing in San Diego. Not to mention that it was clearly led by first violinist Robert Mealy as you would expect with such an ensemble without conductor.
    This is not to take away the credit due to Ruben Valenzuela who is doing great work here in San Diego and should be congratulated to have scheduled this concert in his series, but a little accuracy doesn’t hurt sometimes.
    I found the instruments very good (one of the highlights of the concert was for instance the Schmelzer violin piece, and the sackbuts and cornetto players were excellent) but the singers were unfortunately a bit underwhelming to my ears. There was also an odd lack of bass (no cello or bass and the organ didn’t sound strong enough) that Mr. Tipton couldn’t compensate alone. It was a satisfying concert nonetheless but to quote from the reviewers own comments on the San Diego Symphony last week, this review “does not speak well of [his] discernment”.


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