1. A friend
    July 10, 2018 @ 4:02 am

    The “national fabric” you consider rent, excludes Ms. Clinton’s “deplorables.” The real whole fabric was torn well before Mr. Trump. Course corrections in the messy business of representative democracy are always messy. Complaints about Washington politics are de-rigueur and, whilst admittedly (and possibly purposefully) messy in his methods, Mr. Trump is a breath of fresh air into that stale bog. To compare him to Roy Cohn, legal wormwood behind Joseph McCarthy, looks to a conservative no different than comparing Benedict Arnold to Barack Obama in selling-out America, an odius comparison in your eyes, certainly. An emotionally driven liberal-born disease has infected political discourse: a “lie” has come to mean any exaggeration or simply a position disagreed with. “Fact checking” has devolved to mean a difference of opinion over the impact of a generally acknowledged fact. So much of the media rant refuses to acknowledge the dangerous slide into socialism the country was on and uses every means to characterize the sitting President as anything but legitimate, damaging the future Presidents yet to be elected. The first CEO willing to take on the mantle of the office operates in the manner Disney surely will assassinate in a future animated cartoon but loosely comparable to the way business is conducted around the world – negotiation and compromise. You don’t start a negotiation by agreeing to the other side’s terms at your own cost. You each stake out a position and trade until everyone’s satisfied to move on. The installed Bureaucracy in Washington is offended by such a straightforward approach much the way French courtiers were appalled at radical ruffle on a petty coat. By contrast, Obama’s “pen and phone” form of government evoked hints of the tyranny that produced America. Policy put in place by the so-called Deporter in Chief Obama, was on the books when Trump was confronted with upholding the law. How did the much now loudly offended Democrat body in the Congress allow that policy to be there? But, back to the media, an example: a reporter covering the Supreme Court worryfest and preparations for exploding heads on the liberal side (no matter the nominee), quotes Trump “we have a few democrats on our side”; then the reporter provides a voice-over saying; “And then he reversed himself” and quotes Trump again “all the other side wants to do is block.” The bias reeks. What reversal? It’s clear Cohn evokes Trump for you, but to connect one of the authors of McCarthyism to Trump’s efforts to fulfill the wishes of those who elected him is a distracting waste in an otherwise very well written and interesting analysis of the vintages of Angels in America. The “evil” Pharma business that spent billions of private investment (by people who accumulated wealth to allow them invest) to arrive at the drugs you credit with reducing the terrors felt at the premiere will likely be another of the villains in that Disney cartoon alongside The Donald. If the “fabric” is ever to be knit back together, both sides – exclusive of cable news selling division – will need to participate in the negotiation for our future. Art is defined by whether it evokes an emotion. Politics is not Art.


  2. Ken Herman
    July 14, 2018 @ 5:44 pm

    For this torrent of ideas we can only be thankful. I applaud the author’s depth of conviction, clearly calibrated by the cloak of anonymity.


    • KMW
      July 16, 2018 @ 2:11 pm

      Commendable (?) restraint.

      P.S. The New York production was enthralling and thought-provoking.


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